iPhone 4S to launch on Dec 16

PETALING JAYA: Maxis was the first to release the news, with registration of interest now open to customers via its website.

DiGi soon followed suit, with a teaser ­campaign directing consumers to ­register their interest online. Celcom has also revealed its own teaser campaign stating it would be launching the iPhone 4S on the same date.

It is now a race for attention with all three telcos determined to offer the latest iPhone first. A midnight launch on Dec 16 could be expected, in similar fashion to what Maxis did for the iPhone 4 last year.

Pricing and plans from all three are ­expected to be revealed on launch date. It remains to be seen how attractive each brand’s offerings will be and whether there will be sufficient stock to cater to the demand.

Maxis previously offered a contract extension incentive allowing subscribers to extend their existing iPhone contract up to a maximum of 30 months when the iPhone 4 launched.

DiGi previously allowed existing customers to upgrade and buy the next generation iPhone without any contract, however there is no guarantee that consumers will be able to claim their new phones on launch day.

While Celcom traditionally offers large discounts on phone models, Apple has strict guidelines on how operators can sell its devices and low pricing may not be an option.

In addition to an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video capabilities, this latest addition to Apple’s iPhone family also boasts a more powerful dual-core A5 chip under the hood.

The most highly anticipated feature remains Siri, the voice-activated intelligent assistant that has been the subject of much scrutiny since the model was first introduced in October.

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